Paweł Kowalewski


The Jerke Museum in Recklinghausen prepared an exhibition of Pawel Kowalewski’s output which included his sculptures (most of them weren’t on a display for 30 years) and his most recognizable painting Me Shoot By Indians. In St Peter church you were able to find large works on paper with quotes from The Book of Psalms. Both exhibitions were connected by symbolic laser light.

As it turns out what was strong, political, controversial three decades ago retains its intensity today. Does it mean that these works gained new contemporaneity? Not necessarily.

Past and present in their synergy underlined universal aspects of these works which always were important to Paweł Kowalewski – matters of personal autonomy in relation to supreme forces both supernatural and super cial. This was what Zeitgeist was – the notion of being here and now, of making choices that shape our future and past as well.


Exhibition dates: 20.10 – 25.11.2017
Museum Jerke
Johannes-Jansen-Str. 7