Paweł Kowalewski

Serigraphy with the legendary Bolshevik by Paweł Kowalewski at the auction for Belarus!

Humanosh Foundation has been looking after political refugees for many years. Together with Piękna Gallery and CU ART, it is once again organizing a charity auction for Belarusians who are fleeing to Poland from repressions by the Lukashenka regime. On February 9, as many as 70 works by various artists will be put under the hammer. One of the most important one is the  serigraphy by Paweł Kowalewski with the legendary Bolshevik, “A minute of shouting” by Jana Shostak or a photograph by Katarzyna Kozyra. The Internet partners of the auction are: and

There are many Belarusians in Poland who, for fear of being arrested or even losing their lives, were forced to flee the country. They often come with one backpack because they did not have the time or the opportunity to take their life’s achievements. Many people come to Poland with their families. Everyone needs a roof over their heads, food, cleaning products, and then support in arranging documents and official matters that will enable them to function in our country with dignity.

The Humanosh Foundation has been looking after political refugees for many years. Last year, she renovated and opened Mirnyj Dom in Warsaw, the first house of Belarusians after their arrival in Poland. Over a period of 8 months, the facility took in and helped over 90 people to become independent. Apart from Mirny Dom, the Foundation takes care of 11 apartments all over Poland, where migrants from Belarus reside. Launching, equipping and maintaining the Mirne House was largely possible thanks to the funds obtained from the first charity auction, which took place on February 17, 2021 and collected more than 100 K zlotys.

Virtual auction will take place on February 9, 2022 at 7:00 p.m CET. Signed serigraphy “Mon Cheri Bolscheviq” by Paweł Kowalewski, which was created on the basis of the legendary canvas from 1984, one can auction after registration for the auction: CLICK LINK

The exhibition of pre-auction objects can be viewed in Piękna Gallery on Emilii Plater 10 in Warsaw.